Starting up in Publishing (via @medium, HT: @publisherswkly)

Usually I post stuff to help writers, but Literarium is for recording nifty writing services as well, so if you want to start such a business, this article seems helpful to me. Liza Daley over at Medium talks about starting a new publishing venture. The bad news first:

I’m going to give you a winning formula for founding a successful publishing startup: go back in time and start it in 2008. If for some reason that’s not possible, it’s not going to be easy.

Failing your discovery of time travel, which might obviate the need to start anything ever again, she shares a list of useful tips which I think apply to plenty of other life activities:

  1. Don’t be a jerk

  2. Don’t work for jerks

  3. Always be billing

And she offers some difficult tech problems that, if solved, will help you stand out in modern publishing:

Here’s what I didn’t do, and where I think the opportunities are: really hard problems. [...]

  1. High-fidelity automated conversion of paged media to reflowable media
  2. Portable, crossplatform identifiers
  3. Beautiful single-master book production

As usual, I'm just giving you section headings. If they sound like something that might help, click through and have a read. Also, just to reinforce my own opinions by acknowledging it when others agree with me:

DRM in general is pretty consistently a startup-killer. While you’re inventing the future please also take this embarrassment out back and shoot it.

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