Monday Markets - The Colored Lens (via @thecoloredlens)

The Colored Lens is an online and e-magazine publishing four to five short stories a quarter in speculative fiction genres, "ranging from fantasy, to science fiction, to slipstream or magical realism".

The Colored Lens is looking for short stories that shift perspectives of how we see the world. We are specifically seeking stories that cause the reader reflect, not just on the story, but on how it relates to their own world.

We publish all varieties of speculative fiction, from alternate history, to high fantasy, to nuts and bolts hard science fiction, to dark fantasy, so long as it meets the guidelines above. Whatever the genre, the focus should be used to comment on our world and society rather than exclusively to keep the reader turning pages.

They're after stories and non-fiction up to 10,000 words, with a preference for 500-5,000 words. Payment is a token $20 per story, with some variations based on length.

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