Monday Markets - The Scribe Nonfiction prize for young writers - October 11, 2013 (HT: @readinasitting)

Worthwhile if you are a young non-fiction writer (ie. 30 years or younger, you lucky scamps):

Scribe, in partnership with Express Media, is pleased to announce an exciting new award: the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers. This is a developmental award to foster talented writers aged 30 or under who are working on a longform or book-length nonfiction work.

In addition to a cash prize of $1,500, the winner receives the opportunity to meet with a publisher or an editor and to experience the process of working with an editor on their writing. The winner also receives a year-long subscription to Scribe: each month for 12 months, one new-release title will be sent out to them before it’s in stores.

The prize is for work from 5,000 to 10,000 words and the entry form becomes available on July 20. Entries are due by October 11.

Get writing!

Details here: