Shouldn't you be writing another book or something, you lazy [swear] (via @cacotopos)

I wrote a blog post on my less formal blog, and it had a sweary swear in the title, so I didn't think it was appropriate to post it here. If you can handle a single swear that starts with 'f' and rhymes with 'fuck' you should be safe.

When I (affectionately) hurled the title of this piece at author Felicity Dowker on Twitter, I realised that not every moment of the writing day is suited for our primary output, despite that ‘just write’ rule. So what can we do to stay ‘writerly’ while not writing?

Procrastinate in a convincingly writerly way, of course!

It sounds like a joke, but let me share with you how I improve my writing brain without writing: what to do to stay writerly while not writing, followed by what not to do.

Read the whole thing here: