Monday Markets - Gigantic Worlds Flash SF Anthology - August 1, 2013

We're running out of time on this one but it may be worth your while if you have some quality Flash SF ready:

Why flash fiction? Gigantic has always focused on flash fiction. It is simply what we love, know, and do best. Science flash fiction poses a unique challenge, since the author has a limited number of words to impart a whole other reality. But if all the matter in the universe was compacted into a singularity before exploding out in a big bang, we are confident our writers can wow you in a few hundred words.

This collection looks great. There is a long list of authors (including rare work by Philip K Dick), and it will have a beautiful hardcover edition after hitting the requisite Kickstarter stretch goal.

Generally there is very little room in these sorts of crowdfunded anthologies for unsolicited work, so competition will be fierce, I suspect.

We are seeking submissions of science fiction stories of as little as one sentence to as much as 1,200 words. Send us stories that transport us to realms of the unknown, the unbelievable, the logically illogical, and the disturbing or disturbed! If you need inspiration, take a look at our Gigantic Worlds Tumblr or consider purchasing an issue of Gigantic.

Submissions close August 1, and I couldn't find any payment information other than yes, they will pay contributors, and 'if the Kickstarter reaches $20,000 it will pay professional rates (generally $0.05-$0.10 USD per word).'


Kickstarter info here:

Submission Guidelines here: