Monday Markets - SNAFU, Anthology of Military Horror - Dec 1, 2013

This sounds like fun:

We are looking for original stories that take the standard military thriller and inject some horror, whether it be bioweapons, creatures from another planet or dimension, or anything that you can imagine.

We want action-filled, plot-driven tales that carry the reader along for the ride. Think Jonathan Maberry, Greig Beck, Warren Fahy, and Weston Ochse (SEAL Team 666 series). Think Dog Soldiers, Predator, or Alien. If you haven’t read Jonathan Maberry or Greig Beck, or SEAL Team 666 or Fragment, then what are you waiting for? Get reading.

They're looking for 3,000-7,000 word submissions and paying 3 US cents/word. The anthology opens to submissions September 1st, and you have 3 months to get something in. Good luck!

Check out all the guidelines here: