Independent US Bookshops Growing (via: @theEconomist, HT: @michaelmeloni)

We're super supportive of independent bookshops here at Literarium, so this news is great:

Since 2009 more independent bookshops have opened than closed in America. Sales grew by 8% in 2012, when many book chains saw a drop in revenues. Barnes & Noble’s sales in its stores decreased by 3.4% in its most recent fiscal year. Borders was doing so badly that in 2011 it shut its doors for good.

Obviously the news isn't all great, but it shows to me, at least, that readers continue to desire a personal relationship with the supplier of their books, despite Amazon's ebook dominance, especially in the US, where these figures come from.

Mr Aaron thinks independent bookshops have two big advantages over their bigger rivals. The first is that they are small enough to get to know their customers well. They see them, they talk to them, they recognise regulars, and they know how to keep them coming back.

The second is in the article. There's more there too, so take a look, book store lovers: