Monday Market - Midnight Echoes #11 - Sep 1 - Dec 31, 2013 (via @MidnightEchoMag)

Midnight Echo Magazine has featured here before, but as they do regular themed submission periods I just keep listing them. Kaaron Warren is guest editor for this issue, and she is after something sinister:

What does SINISTER mean to you?

Is it a character; a shadowy, nightmare figure? Or is it an atmosphere; a foreboding air of doom? Does the word fill you with apprehension, or maybe excitement? Or is the vision in your head something we cannot begin to imagine?

Kaaron Warren, our guest editor for Midnight Echo Issue 11, wants to know. She is open to any interpretation of the theme in any style, but she wants to hear original voices. Take a chance. Send us the story you’ve always wanted to write, but were too afraid to tell.

There is a lot of freedom in this theme, which makes it both liberating and terrifying. The editor wants to be moved, surprised and impressed – why don’t you take that as a challenge?

Sinister. Play with it. Enjoy it. Scare us.

They still want short fiction to 5000 words, and are paying AUD$0.03/word.

You can find the submission details here: