Star Wars as seen by Shakespeare (HT: @sarah_crown)

Continuing the Shakespearean theme, but on an even more lighthearted note:

Ian Doescher’s new book, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, translates the entirety of A New Hope into Shakespearean form.

It's actually supremely cool, so you should check it out. There are some great woodcut illustrations too:

ACT V, Scene 5, lines 279-329. Space.

BIGGS           Make haste, O Luke. Methinks they do approach E’en faster than before. I shall not hold Them back for long!

LUKE              —Now, R2, straight increase The pow’r.

R2-D2              —Beep, whee.

BIGGS               —Make haste, Luke. O, alas!

 [Darth Vader shoots. Explosion. Biggs dies.

LUKE             That ever I should see this day, O woe! My childhood friend from Tatooine now slain Protecting me from harm. Thou ow’dst a life— Dear Biggs, sweet Biggs—and thou hast paid. And now ’Tis down to me: the boy turn’d warrior. Be still, my errant heart, and seek the Force.

VADER          The leader now is mine.

R2-D2           —Meep, beep.

C-3PO          —Take care Sweet R2-D2! Come thou back, I pray!

Check it out here: