Plagiarism in the Poetry World (via @smh)

Odd, and frustrating.

Andrew Slattery, a rising Australian poet, won the Rosemary Dobson Prize in 2010 for a poem with powerful lines such as "bruised like a forceps baby"; [...]

[He] was recently stripped of two other prizes after being found to have plagiarised dozens of poets including Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath.

The plagiarists don't help their cause when they make excuses such as:

[Slattery] claims his poems are in the "Cento format", which is a collage of lines from other poems. But in proper use poets credit their sources. "I should have disclaimed on the entry forms that the poems were in the Cento format," he said. "I should have included footnotes for these poems. I do not support any use of someone's else's work, in any form of presentation, or in any medium, unless it is clearly acknowledged."

Yeah mate, you should have, especially if you are so adamant about acknowledging another's work, which you could have done quite easily on that entry form, seeing as it's quite clear that someone might have thought all those words were your own.

Plagiarism really gets to me. It's the epitome of creative dishonesty.

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