Great Inspiration… or not – with Peter Watts (via @alanbaxter)

Australian author Alan Baxter has been posting some great stuff on his blog lately, and yesterday he hosted some comments from one of my favourite SF writers, Peter Watts, about sudden inspiration and turning points (or the lack of them):

I discovered the three brands of author most relevant to my own development (1 – How can this bozo be selling so well when he can’t write his way out of a goddamn fortune cookie?; 2 – Oh, I see how you did that, that’s brilliant. Now I know how to do it too. Too bad I can’t because you already did it first; and 3 – You told me exactly what you were going to do before you did it, and I thought you were crazy, and then you went ahead and did it and I still have no idea how you pulled it off.)

Read it all here: