Stats from the Slush Pile (via: @pshares, HT: @v11oyd)

Ploughshares Literary Magazine publishes three issues a year. Sarah Banse rolls out some statistics for their latest issue. I always like looking at publishing figures like this. An understanding of a particular market is helpful when submitting, as is having an idea of the number of submissions you are competing with:

The bad news is that Ploughshares receives about 11,000 submissions a year. In the three issues published for 2013 it looked likes this:

  • Writers Published: 96
  • Fiction:  27
  • Poetry: 65
  • Nonfiction: 2
  • Women: 55 (fiction: 16)(poetry: 37)(nonfiction: 2)
  • Men: 41 (fiction: 11)(poetry: 30)

That's 96 successes out of 11,000 submissions folks... It's a cold, empty world out there.

Check out more detailed figures here: