GenreCon, or the smartest impulse buy I ever made (via @incognitiously)

I mentioned earlier this week that I had attended GenreCon in my hometown on the weekend. One of the attendees, Lois Spangler, impulse-bought her ticket as a fan of genre fiction, without realising it was a writing conference. Nonetheless, she describes what an amazing time she had, and how it encouraged her to start writing (more). It's an origin story, then, of sorts:

Now, here’s the thing: I thought GenreCon was a fan convention. There’s nothing on the site to clue you otherwise, or maybe there is and I’m just obtuse which I’m absolutely willing to accept. No no, this thing’s a writer’s convention. Industry.

GenreCon was a lot of fun, and the attendees were universally supportive and excited about their craft. There was a real buzz at the event, and it infected Lois:

We build an idea of ourselves over time. I’ve been making stuff up since I had any real capacity with words, and putting that stuff to paper or phosphor not long after. I was one of those folks who wrote. Sure, I’d done an occasional short work published here and there, but not a “real writer.” I always figured that door was sort of closed to me, partly by circumstance, but mostly due to my own inaction.

I was full of shit.

Read her full post here, it's pretty inspiring: