Monday Markets - Kaleidoscope Antho - Dec 31, 2013 (via @12thPlanetPress)

Twelfth Planet Press managed to raise enough funds on their Pozible campaign (which still has 3 days left on it!) to open submissions to their new diverse YA anthology, Kaleidoscope:

Kaleidoscope is an anthology of contemporary YA science fiction and fantasy with a focus on diverse perspectives. Alisa Krasnostein (founder of Twelfth Planet Press, and winner of the World Fantasy Award in 2011) and Julia Rios (fiction editor at Strange Horizons, and host of the Outer Alliance Podcast) are co-editing this project, which we hope to fill with a variety of exciting tales, happy and sad, adventurous and meditative. We’re not simply looking for cookie-cutter vampire or urban fantasy stories, but for things that transport us and subvert our expectations.

They are specifically looking for fantasy and science fiction from 2,500 to 10,000 words, featuring (among other criteria):

*Protagonists who are characters of color, disabled, neurodiverse, mentally ill, QUILTBAG, people with non-western cultural backgrounds, or otherwise diverse (not the typical straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied, western characters).

*Contemporary settings: modern day Earth life should be part of the story. It’s okay if there is a portal to a fantasy world, but we want characters to have some grounding in this world, too.

Payment is at professional rates of 5 cents per word (USD), and you have until the end of December to send in your submissions. Get writing!

Full guidelines here: