Monday Market - Aphrodite Terra Anthology - 1 Feb 2014 (via @ian_sales)

Whippleshield Books is open for submissions to its first anthology in a series of mini-anthologies, Aphrodite Terra:

 I’m looking for stories that are realistic, but that doesn’t mean they have to be science/space fiction. However, the planet Venus has to feature in there somewhere. Your story could be about the first attempt to land on Venus, or life in a habitat on the surface. It might describe a present-day group of engineers and scientists controlling a probe on the surface of Venus; or perhaps a journalist discovering evidence of a past secret mission to the planet. There are plenty of tales that can be told about Venus. Surprise me. I’m big on realism, so I’ll be looking for that. And good literary prose too.

The word limit is 6,000 words, and the anthology has room for four or five stories. Payment is 3p per word, but be warned, this isn't a market for straightforward science fiction:

My plan is to publish a series of mini-anthologies, each themed around a planetary body and containing around 20,000 to 25,000 words. But I’m not really interested in science fiction per se. I want fiction which lives at the point where the borders of science fiction and space fiction meet literary fiction.

Ian doesn't know which planetary body to pick for his next anthology, but if Venus isn't quite your thing you should keep an eye on the Whippleshield Books site (or here on Monday Markets; I'm sure I'll see his next mini-antho guidelines fly by).

You can find the full submission guidelines here: