Monday Markets - Scigentasy Magazine - Inclusive SF & Fantasy

Scigentasy: Gender Stories in Science Fiction and Fantasy is looking for inclusive genre stories and articles:

- Stories by women and other underrepresented individuals (This does not mean that white, able-bodied men can’t submit here. Stories commenting on traditional or unfair gender stereotypes that affect males, for example, are more than welcome.) - Stories that conceptualize progressive change - Stories that promote or in some way address equal rights and social justice for all - Stories with inclusive feminist themes. That is, stories that recognize all women, not just white middle class ones - Stories that highlight the intersection of race, class, and gender - Stories with a positive outlook and with ideas and modes of life we can aspire to - Stories that show the darker side of gender and identity issues, that aren’t afraid to dig up and discuss injustice (and we recognize that such stories will not always end on a positive note–that’s just fine) In the simplest of terms, we want great science fiction and fantasy stories that have at least one character who pushes, explores, or in some way addresses gender boundaries.

Scigentasy publishes 500 to 5,000 word stories and pay a decent $3 cents per word (a flat $10 for reprints)

Check the details out here, including non-fiction and art guidelines: