Why You Should Embrace Short Stories (via @margolanagan)

It's National Short Story Week in the UK, I discovered, and Margo Lanagan wrote an excellent article about why we should embrace short stories, the promise of a quick solid hit of narrative being one of them:

'But they're such a tease,' you whine. 'I want to really get into a story's world, and shorts leave me hanging out for more.' You'll be wanting a single-author collection, then—possibly a collection of linked short stories that may or may not add up to a novel? Possibly a collection where an author revisits the universe they created for their trilogy, exploring all its nooks and crannies? How about an anthology where all the authors write stories set in the same fictional world? That can work, too.

It's a good read, and as I'm a short fiction writer Margo's words here cheer me somewhat:

If you're a writer, you should also write short stories, because they're in for a resurgence, you know. With all these e-readers and i-players, all this exploration of new publishing forms, by putting out short stories you can keep your readers aware of you in the great gulfs of time between novels. (What, you put out a book a year? All right, you're excused.)

Read the full post here: http://blog.nationalshortstoryweek.org.uk/2013/11/short-stories-and-why-you-should.html