This is How Huge Door-stopper Fantasy Novels Get Made (via @tordotcom)

Irene Gallo walks us through the massive printing process for the final book of the Wheel of Time series (confession: I can't stand that series, but I can admire the process!)

I’ve worked at Tor Books for nearly twenty years and I had never visited our bindery before. As the art director, I’ve been to our jacket printer, of course, but my job usually ends there. I had never been to the place where the guts of the books are printed, bound, and shipped. What better excuse to remedy that than to watch A Memory of Light—the final volume of a series that has been with me my entire career—go from rolls of clean white paper to shiny new hardcover books? A trip to historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Quad Graphics was definitely in order.

There are some great photos in here. It's worth checking out. And do consider this massive logistical exercise in the context of producing and distributing ebooks.

Check it out here: