Why is Genre Important to Success? (HT: @AnneGracie)

David Baboulene writes this article about Genre, and it's a good read. He does some technical break down on story structure that's worth looking at:

Genre is a real tricky devil... and absolutely key to your success.

When we start out on a writing career, we don't see it like that. Genre is a restriction. Something to at least ignore and probably rebel against. You gotta be unique. You're going to prove yourself by doing something different. The only reason you would ever want to know the rules is so you can break ‘em good.

Personally I consider genre a marketing category. It's something I worry about after I've written a story and am trying to place it. I'm not sure if that's the right approach, but it seems to align with David's discussion here:

But before you get anywhere near getting assessed by the public, you as a writer, have to sell yourself and your material to an agent/publisher/producer. And I promise you, you are dead in the water if you don't have a clear genre. They will only take on a clearly defined genre piece, because they know they can't sell it if they don't. Look at it like this: When your publisher sells a book to a retailer, the first thing the buyer asks is: Which shelf does this go on? If it isn’t COMPLETELY obvious where it goes in the shop, then it’s rejected. Instantly. It could be brilliant but sorry, if the buyer can’t tell what genre it is, then neither can the public and it won’t sell, so he won’t buy it from the publisher.

Check it out here: http://thescienceofstory.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/why-is-genre-important-to-success.html