Monday Markets - Guns and Romances Anthology, Feb 28, 2014 (via @nerinedorman)

Dark Continents Publishing is open to submissions for their new anthology, Guns and  Romance.

A smoking combination of sex and violence. This is what Guns and Romances is about. Whether your protagonist is human, werewolf, vampire, or something else, we want to see your story. Time travel? Steampunk? Noir? Horror? Light erotica? We’re flexible on the genre. Any period in time is okay with us; we are looking for a tough guy or gal, music* and weapons.

They're after fiction from 3,500 to 9,000 words, loosely, paying a token $20 and then a royalty share.

We demand that each story have at least one music reference, whether it’s the title, a jukebox plays it somewhere, a character thinks of a song, etc. Guns are also a must, whether they are held, admired, or fired. Romance is optional, but give us something to swoon over. We love heroes, anti-heroes and hot villains. Stories must have a primary character with a counterpart because that’s what keeps us reading!

The deadline is February 24th, so skip the Christmas break and get writing already!

Full guidelines here: