All the things that are wrong with your screenplay in one handy infographic (via: @FastCoCreate, HT: @TaraGoedjen)

I love statistics and pretty pictures, especially this time of year. Joe Berkowitz reports on an infographic constructed by a professional scriptreader, analysing 300 screenplays for five different studios:

One thing that certainly is up to the writer, however, is whether the screenplay sucks. A new infographic offers some hard-earned insider tips about pitfalls the novice scribe should avoid, in order to refrain from sucking.

I dunno, I'm going to have to concede to the expertise of analysis, but there are plenty of screenplays that sucked (I dunno, Prometheus springs to mind) which even a half competent writer could've fixed.

As featured on screenwriting forum The Blackboard, the infographic presents all manner of information on the settings, genres, and characters that could use a bit of finesse. If it has ever even crossed your mind to attempt to write a movie someday, you should definitely read the following list of frequent script problems, and peruse the rest of the chart above.

Check the article out here. Even if you don't write screenplays, watching trends in narratives will give you a way to outmaneuver the competition and stand out, or aim for what looks like an emerging popular trend (no one said this shit was easy, folks):