Publishing Your Short Fiction (via @Cacotopos)

Sure, you might complain that I'm being lazy by posting a link to my own post, and that's fine. But it's a loooong post. And a very detailed step-by-step process for anyone wanting to roll their own .ePub. It's not that difficult, once you get through it, I've just been very thorough.

My IT Guy eyes spontaneously combusted. I wandered around the house with flames pouring from my sockets, setting off fire alarms and howling until my voice was drowned out by the echoing howls of the neighbourhood’s dogs.

It was, in a word, horrible. Every paragraph was individually formatted in the ePub file to conform to a very specific list of font-size, height, spacing and worse, even though every single gods-damned paragraph looked the same in the final product. It was like a bureaucrat forcing you to write your full name and address next to every single paragraph of a textbook, just to make sure you owned it.

When this series is done, you'll be able to take a short story, turn it into an ePub, load it into your digital store, and then add it to your online shop, all for EXACTLY ZERO DOLLARS.

Read it here: