Monday Markets - Dimension6 Magazine (via @coeurdelionpubl)

Dimension6 is a new free electronic magazine from Coeur de Lion publishing, helmed by Keith Stevenson, and is about to open its first reading period, from the 12th of January until the 22nd of February, 2014 (the other reading periods are available on the guidelines page).

Dimension6 describes the multiverse of all possible people, places and events. Everything that can and will happen takes place in Dimension6.

They're looking for:

Strong, original speculative fiction stories. The type of stories that appear in D6 will evolve with the magazine as genres blend and blur. Word limit is flexible because we’re an e-publication. Our minimum word length is 4,500 words, because we believe a real story needs at least that much space to thrive. If it’s really good we’ll publish to novella length (up to 40,000 words), but it would have to be really good from page one onwards.

We have a bias towards science fiction, but we like fantasy too especially if it’s firmly camped outside the standard fantasy tropes. For horror we’re not interested in splatter-filled gore stories. The most effective horror stories are those where you only glimpse the monster.

The pay is an excellent $100AUD for submissions but competition will (as always) be fierce. Get writing!

The full submission guidelines can be found here: