How To Sell 5,000 Books (via @SusannaFreymark, HT: @hildebrandburke)

Susanna Freymark starts with a clever list to sell a million books:

Back to book sales – here’s what you need to do.

1. Win an award for your unpublished manuscript.

2. Create a bidding war between publishers.

3. Sell you book to 50+ countries.

4. Travel the world promoting your book.

5. Accept a film offer on your book.

6. Give up the day job.

7. Write a sequel.

...and then goes into a little more serious detail to describe how to sell 5,000 books:

I'm not entirely convinced that I could use this method to push 5,000 book sales, but it can't help to explore all avenues, so do read her advice here: