Scribbling in the Margins of Dan Brown's Inferno (via @the_millions)

I don't generally like picking on an author's style, but Dan Brown is probably used to it by now, and also filthy rich, so I guess he can take it. Sam Anderson and David Rees started an experiment in 'dialogic marginalia' whereby the first would annotate the text of Dan Brown's Inferno, then hand it to the second, who would do the same.

I purchased and read Inferno, which was inscrutable and interminable, and as I read I scribbled in its margins. When I finished, my friend David Rees, the artisanal pencil sharpener, asked if he could borrow it. He added his thoughts.

It was fun to see someone else’s words next to mine. I wrote in black pen, in cursive. David wrote in red pencil, in block letters. I was semi-serious. David swore and told a lot of jokes. Usually we agreed, but occasionally we disagreed. Here are some of the highlights.

Have a read and see what 'live feedback while reading' means in the context of a massive blockbuster: