Frontloading your story's mission statement (via @patrickoduffy)

Patrick O'Duffy uses the Hulk and King Kong as examples on how to communicate the core of a story to the readers who are about to invest in it:

[T]his idea of a mission statement – the willingness to communicate to your audience just what your story is going to be about, and to do it at the start of your narrative – is a bloody fantastic idea and one that more writers need to embrace.

I've done enough slushreading, and you've read enough writing advice, to know that a story needs to grab a reader early to convince them to keep reading. There is a lot of stuff out there, and only so much spare time in between watching reality TV and sporting events. You have to grab those readers and convince them, gently, that this is the one.

Patrick quotes from an excellent interview in his post:

Comics Alliance: The thing I liked about Indestructible Hulk, and this is something that comes up in a lot of your work, is that you’re a guy who’s big on mission statements and explicitly laying out your direction in a comic. You had that very simple phrase you repeated throughout the book, which was that Hulk destroys and Banner builds.

Check it out (and the full interview with Mark Waid):