Monday Markets - The Fog Horn Magazine (HT: @staceysarasvati)

This is an interesting find:

We're on the hunt for brave new short stories: comedy, adventure, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, horror -- your favorite fiction genre is welcome here.

Is your story a tender, yet devastating robot love triangle? Or maybe a hilarious, yet devastating robot love triangle?

If you're an established author or new voice, join us. We're thrilled to offer competitive rates for published stories.

So we're all on the same page, you won't actually be sending us your story here. We ask some questions that help us get to know you and your voice, then we check out your stuff and if it seems right, we'll contact you and ask for your story.

That last section is important: they are looking for writers from whom to solicit submissions, not just an open submissions bucket. The drawback is that if you don't have a lot of your writing floating about for free on your website, that it becomes hard to break into this market. Do with that information what you will.

The upside? They pay $1,000 per story, and publish 4 stories per issue, 12 times a year. Excellent stuff!

I also like their advice at the end, which I will reprint here in full:

  • Don't send revisions unless they've been requested
  • Don't re-submit stories that've been rejected. Please don't. It doesn't look good. Keep writing.
  • Don't submit another story for one month after receiving a rejection. But keep writing.
  • Don't argue with rejection. It is what it is, we've all been there. It sucks. Keep writing.

Read the full guidelines here: