A Stranger's Letterbox (via @freyawriter)

Freya Wright-Brough shared this awesome writing project (and exercise and networking activity) on her blog. As part of a 365 day story-a-day challenge, she wrote a story to deliver to a stranger's letterbox:

There’s a house not too far away that has an amazing fence made from branches. So I decided ‘made from branches’ was my trigger. I made an envelope and addressed a letter explaining myself… then enclosed this story.

It's a really cool idea with a great outcome.

I delivered it this afternoon so now we wait. In the letter I ask them tweet or facebook me back if they like it. Fingers crossed!

The story of the project is a story in itself. Read the enclosed story and the meta-story here: http://freyawrightbrough.com/2014/01/24/the-garden-day-58-a-strangers-letterbox/