Monday Markets - Exposure - Comic Anthology - 5 April 2014 (HT: @emmajeans)

I've worked with the ACT Comic Meet folks before, being paired up with an amazing artist to submit a story to their 'Beginnings' Anthology, and they produce good work and showcase a wide range of artists. Calls are now open for 2 page comics for their new short anthology, 'Exposure'. This is produced in a similar style to the 'The Day I Destroyed the World' anthology (to which I also submitted). They're looking for short, 2 page B/W stories on the them of 'Exposure':

Comic submissions should be:

  • Sequential art

  • Narrative

  • Sized to at least A5

  • At least 300dpi

  • Black and white/greyscale

Note the title is indicative of the pay - authors receive a contributor copy of the anthology.

Long time readers will know my opinion on exposure-only or for-the-love markets, and that opinion remains firmly held! However, in reality it means I merely choose more carefully when promoting non-paying markets, and there aren't a lot of comic markets out there.

Take a look! When I submitted for 'Beginnings' they paired me (writer) with an artist (Ele Jenkins) and we made awesome art together, so if you are an author and not an artist, or vice versa, this may work for you.

Guidelines here: