A Periodic Table of Storytelling Tropes (via @drcrypt, HT: @paulwiggins)

This is a very attractive periodic table generated from the TV Tropes website (NOTE: I did not link to that website because it is the black hole of the Internet; if you are interested in storytelling it can take hours to extricate yourself from it).

The Periodic Table of Tropes might be a better name for this interactive visualization: Although each box on Harris's Periodic Table contains one storytelling element coupled with an atomic number, you probably won't recognize many of these storytelling elements from creative writing class. Rather, the Periodic Table of Storytelling is filled with elements such as "Idiot Hero," "Getting Crap Past The Radar," and "Xanatos Gambit," spread across groups that range from archetypes to metatropes.

See, just reading that tempts me to click through to TV Tropes and find out what it means... Must... Resist...

I won't pinch the image and post it here directly, but definitely click through to check it out: http://www.fastcodesign.com/3025995/infographic-of-the-day/infographic-the-periodic-table-of-storytelling