Some Thoughts on Author Earnings (via @courtneymilan, HT: @tobiasbuckell)

Courtney Milan applies her mathematical eye to the earnings report website Hugh Howey released (link here):

Lots of people have written about this, and I will sum up what they say: The study has convinced almost everyone who already believed what Howey said in the report, and convinced almost nobody who did not already believe it.

This is an ambitious project that is likely taking a lot of work on the part of Howey and his mystery coder. They’ve aggregated a bunch of information that people have discussed only anecdotally up until now. That’s pretty cool. That being said, it’s pretty obvious to me that they desperately need someone with some kind of background in science and statistics and data collection, because right now they’re spending a ton of time sifting through data without any sense of how to properly quantify things.

It's worth looking at, as a balancing act to the raw figures coming out of the report.

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