Adventures in Collaborative Writing (via @jodicleghorn)

Disclosure: Jodi is my publisher and a friend! Don't let that poor judgment on her part affect your enjoyment of her excellent article, though.

How do you successfully establish and maintain a collaborative writing partnership? Here are seven tips I’ve gathered along the way (with a little help from my friends!).

She identifies the following points:

  1. Write with someone you trust.
  2. Write with someone with whom you share a great rapport.
  3. Write with someone whose work you know, admire and respect.
  4. Write with someone who will embolden you to write what you would never dare alone.
  5. Write in a format, genre and style you both feel comfortable with.
  6. Write with your ego at the door.
  7. Establish mutually agreed-upon parameters and stick to them when you write.

As usual I'll let the article itself delve into the detailed discussion of those points. I've done some collaborative writing myself, and it can be a lot of fun.

Read all about Jodi's experiences here: