Monday Markets - I Am The Abyss - October 1, 2014

Lots of lead time on this one:

These are ten stories of tortured souls and dark minds whose difficult mortal lives have come to an end. Their consciousnesses have been transported into underworlds of their own making. It is here that they rediscover forgotten corners of their minds, creatures that they never thought their imaginations could conjure, cities grander or more bizarre than anything they had experienced in their mortal lives.

In these underworlds the characters will truly discover themselves; their darkest fears and deepest desires will manifest. But within these realms they will also find peril and adventure. They will unlock secrets inconceivable during their mortal paths. Some will conquer their underworlds while others will submit. These are ten formations of the abyss on what makes us who we are: our own consciousness.

They're looking for 10,000 to 18,000 word stories, and paying 5 cents per word and contributor copies and royalties. It's all pretty fancy.

Check out the full guidelines here: