How One Author Learned to Love Social Media (After Really, Truly Hating It) (via @thewritelife)

I certainly waste spend a lot of my time on social media, convincing myself that chatting to people and engaging in conversations is somehow 'networking' when I could be writing more. Sound familiar? I'm sure it's just me.

Like so many other writers, I longed for the (nonexistent) days when a writer sent her work into the world and retreated to a nice, remote cabin where the royalties would be delivered by carrier pigeon.

Author Alicia de los Reyes talks about how she forced herself to get into social media to promote her books without coming across like a spam bot.

Personally, I want to live most of my small life in privacy, and I still refuse to join Facebook.

I'm not a huge fan of Facebook and it certainly doesn't seem to me to be a good platform for random discovery of your social media interactions by fans. That's probably an article for another day, though.

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