Monday Market - Leviathan - Deep Sea Monster Hunter - 30 Apr 2014 (via @milesboothe)

Emby Press is looking for deep sea adventures of monster hunters for their Leviathan anthology:

There is nothing like sailing upon the sea at night with the knowledge that things larger than you and your craft are swimming beneath you. These thoughts have filled ocean-goers minds for centuries, fears writhing with tentacles and teeth and the inarguable reality that we are helpless in the water. Should the frail safety of your craft fail you, you will almost certainly die a most horrible death as you become a meal. All of this is enough to send panic coursing through your veins, and these are just the simple realities of the sea.

The word limit is from 2,000 to 10,000 words, and they are looking for Dark Fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Payment is $25 and an electronic contributor copy.

You can find the submission guidelines here: