Deciding between traditional publishing and self-publishing (via @tody_ZA, HT: @ArmandAuthor)

Azhar Lorgat contributes to the discussion about how to approach publishing:

In today’s world, the decision between embracing the ways of the digital age or going with the traditional route is a complex battle that each individual artist must face. Unfortunately finding the answer can be exceptionally tough because so many people will have different opinions about it, and you’ll probably go half-crazy like I did spending your hours reading through hundreds of opinions on the internet. There are just too many good reasons on both sides.

He goes through four basic categories to discuss how they might impact your decision (read on at the bottom for his discussion on each of these topics). And remember, this is not an either-or discussion. I suggest you go through this process for each project you want published.

  • Your Personality
  • Your Reasons For Writing
  • What You’re Actually Writing
  • Your Circumstances

Read on for his conclusion here: