Monday Markets - The Big Click Magazine (via @thebigclick)

The Big Click magazine buys crime fiction.

We are interested in publishing quality work under the broad umbrella of crime, though of course, like anyone, we have our sweet spots. We’re especially interested in noir, tales of the criminal lifestyle, confessional fiction, peculiar literary specimens, and great characters. We are somewhat less interested in tales of pure ratiocination, police procedurals, and any story whose title includes a colon followed by “A Firstname Lastname Investigation/Mystery/Case.”  We are not at all interested in outright supernatural fiction, science fiction stories that use mystery-detection plots simply to tour the future, stories about killing pedophiles, or tales of frustrated writers of short stories who kill their obese wives. And no vampires.

They pay $100 for electronic print rights, but I can't find their word counts. Sounds interesting though.

Check out the full guidelines here: