How To Create Your Own Anthology (Or Small Press!) (via @jodicleghorn)

Jodi Cleghorn writes over at the eBook Revolution to give advice and tips on how to create your own anthology or small press. Disclosure! I know Jodi in the 'Real World' and she publishes my middle grade philosophical adventure novel, 'The Machine Who Was Also a Boy'. I also have a story in her collaborative anthology, 'From Stage Door Shadows.' However, I don't just endorse her because she holds power over me, no sir/ma'am; she legitimately knows her stuff:

In 2008 I wanted to know if it was possible for ten writers to write ten interconnected stories. The idea was for each author to pull a minor character from the [preceding] story for their protagonist and join the two stories with a common event. The end product would be a circular anthology.

Jodi breaks down the entire process into the following sections:

  • The Benefit of Digital Anthologies
  • Financial Concerns – What Are The Costs?
  • How To Articulate The Theme Or Concept
  • How Do You Choose The Authors?
  • Making Collaboration Work!
  • Ensure Quality
  • Production Issues To Watch Out For
  • Take Your Time – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

It's a very detailed article, so definitely read through if you're thinking about venturing in this professional direction - you'll avoid a lot of problems. Read it all here: