The Secret to Overcoming Writer-Envy (via @ZenaShapter)

Zena Shapter writes about writer envy, and it's a helpful read for anyone (like me) who has had any combination of the thoughts, 'Oh man that writer is so much better at writing than I'/'If only I had the time/connections/personal hygiene standards that Amazing Writer X has...' and so forth:

My hubbie is a successful business owner and entrepreneur (all thanks to his supportive wife of course!). So naturally when the opportunity came up, he wanted to go and see Mark Bouris talk about his success. When Hubbie came home, however, he wasn’t busting full of ideas as I expected him to be. He was mellow… almost content. And what he told me about Mark Bouris changed my life too (or at least the way I looked at success). It’s funny really, because what Mark Bouris said I always knew deep down. I just hadn’t accepted it.

Yes, so that's a tease, and you can find out what helped Zena mellow out about how great other writers were at the article here: