I wasn't interested in the grammar of clickbait titles. But then everything changed. (via @readermagazine)

If that title made you cringe as much as I cringed then we can be friends. The structure and development of language is an important thing to understand (or at least appreciate) for writers, and this American Reader article delves into those horrible titles, and why we can react so strongly to them (either with excitement or revulsion):

Upworthy Titles Often Make a Relatively Banal Claim. Until They Change It.

The most essential grammatical tic that Upworthy employs is a bit more complex than simple word choice or sentence structure: the titles introduce a fairly typical story, idea, or theme in the first sentence, then use a much shorter sentence to complicate or undermine it. This is irritating as hell. And I think that’s the point; the second sentence piques you to resolve the irritation it causes.

Intrigued? Would you like some resolution? Then read the rest of it here: http://theamericanreader.com/life-sentences-the-grammar-of-clickbait/