You Can Only Fund Your Tortoise’s Penis Surgery Once Or, Why Crowdfunding Doesn’t Work for Content (via @LenKendall), HT: @peterjblack

How can you resist a title like that? It didn't even end on, 'How they did it will amaze you!' Len Kendall talks about funding content as a creative professional:

Crowdfunding is a short-term solution

So what are content producers to do? Amanda Palmer says that artists should not fear “asking” for monetary support, and I tend to agree with her. Kickstarter has made the art of asking easier because it makes the value exchange very simple. You’re asking people to pledge X and when the 30 days is up they’ll get Y. Even if their pledge is nothing but a thank you, it feels easier for creators to go about asking for money this way because the campaign feels temporary and the outcome feels very tangible.

The problem however is that you can't pull this off more than once, if that. Once you’ve cashed the crowdfunding chip, it’s going to feel exponentially more awkward if you do it again 6 months later.

A better option might be something like, where you subscribe to an artist's output. Len also points to his company CentUp as a means to manage business relationships with fans. I'll explore that service a bit and might report back if it captures my imagination.

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