Amazon vs Hachette: Don't Believe the Spin (via @DavidGaughran, HT: @thecreativepenn)

My personal problems with Amazon aren't secret, but in the interest of getting some perspective from a more balanced 'actually they are kind of both untrustworthy' view, David Gaughran writes about his experiences:

Hachette is being portrayed as some helpless fawn. Several articles have speculated that Amazon is “going after” Hachette first because, compared to the rest of the large publishers, Hachette is small and weak.

Don’t buy it. Hachette might be the smallest of the “Big 5″ on paper, but that’s only when you look at the American market. Hachette Book Group is owned by Lagardère Publishing – the biggest publisher in France and the second biggest in the UK. It has significant publishing interests across the rest of the world too, enough to make it the world’s second largest trade publisher overall.

Note: I'm no fan of Hachette either. Their price-fixing Agency model bullshit isn't on my list of favourite 'desperate to keep control' business strategies either.

It’s almost like it’s the result of a very smart PR campaign. It’s almost like Hachette is part of a giant mass media conglomeration with billions of dollars of revenue and hundreds of outlets in which to push its message. It’s almost like Hachette is part of an international publishers’ association which has explicitly stated it will be flooding the media this year with stories intended to advance its interests.

Welp, I guess we're all screwed.

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