Monday Markets - The Lane of Unusual Traders - 31 July/31 August (via @tinyowlworkshop)

Tiny Owl Workshop are knocking it out of the park again, this time with the shared-world project that begins with the Lane of Unusual Traders.

The Lane of Unusual Traders is a world building project. The aim is to write or otherwise bring the Lane, the City of Lind and the world of Midlfell into existence through stories, illustrations, comics and, well, through whatever other creative means present themselves as the story grows.

The story begins in a lane known only as The Lane of Unusual Traders.

The Lane has 20 lots (there is a map on the site). Choose a lot. Decide whether to write a 500 word flash piece or 1500-3000 short fiction. Submit. Cross fingers.

Chris White (who lives just down the road from me, coincidentally) has written a prologue to provide texture and context for your submissions here. Tiny Owl Workshop stresses that within this rough outline, though, there is no constraint to genre or theme. Write what you feel you need to write.

Payment is $60 for flash and $300 for short fiction, and the respective deadlines are 31 July and 30th August.

The collaborative world that comes out of here may appear in various formats:

Because of the nature of the project it’s going to be difficult to predict what stories will be submitted, what storylines may develop and how the stories submitted may fit together. The aim is to publish a Lane of Unusual Traders Annual (physical book format), BUT as we like to do things a little differently you may find your stories published on postcards, scrolls (of the parchment not bread variety), paper napkins or in some other form that presents itself and which fits the project. Tiny Owl Workshop will, however, negotiate this with authors prior to publishing.

Go here and read it all: