On Their Death Bed, Physical Books Have Finally Become Sexy (via @nytimes, HT: @mikearnzen)

For the record, I've always thought physical books were sexy.

The Death of the Book has loomed over so many other eras, but today it seems more certain, at least when it comes to the physical book, because the e-book has been outselling the paper kind on Amazon since 2011. With reading, we all know what direction we’re now going in — it’s bright-at-night, it’s paved with e-paper, it’s bad for focus, it’s incredibly convenient. Those of us — myself included — who can’t yet bring themselves to read on a Kindle or an iPad feel increasingly fusty saying the same old thing: “I just like the feel of paper in my hand! The intimacy!” We preface the words with that thing about not being a Luddite. We talk about the fixity of real books, and the frightening impermanence of one you can download in seconds. We feel our sentences grow stale the second they leave our mouths.

Read it all here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/27/magazine/on-their-death-bed-physical-books-have-finally-become-sexy.html