The costs and benefits of publishing your own books (via @bbc, HT: @tglong)

Kevin Peachey interviews Nick Spalding, on eof the UK's bestselling self-published authors. Now we all know there is no simple solution to working out whether self-publishing is a good idea for a given author, but getting insights into how it works for some people might just give you the extra piece of information you need to make a call for your particular situation:

Some years ago, he wrote what he admits was an experimental novel, unlikely to be touched by a traditional publisher.

But he then discovered that he could upload his work, and sell it to people reading e-books.

"I remember my aim was to earn enough money for my partner and I to go for a meal," he says.

"Because it was so easy to do, and because I started to earn a little more money and build up a small following, that prompted me to write another book, then another and another."

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