Monday Markets - Krampus Crackers - Sep 5, 2014 (via @tinyowlworkshop)

Tiny Owl Workshop continue to be my favourite small creative business (it just seems limiting to call them a publisher) and they operate in my home town. While their shared-world project the Lane of Unusual Traders is still open, they've started a new Christmas themed flash market (for Australian writers only, sorry):

This Christmas, take a walk on the wild side. Swap merry for scary, and get inspired by the chain-dragging, cloven-footed, birch-rod-wielding Alpine myth of Krampus, the Christmas monster who punishes all the children who end up on the naughty list.

We’re looking for Christmas-themed flash fiction inspired by the Krampus myth. Twelve stories, accompanied by six illustrations by artists including Terry Whidborne and Simon Cottee, will be made into sets of ‘Krampus Crackers’, to be distributed in various hot locations around Brisbane this Christmas.

Payment is $60 AUD for flash between 300 and 500 words.

I would like to add that Tiny Owl Workshop continues to produce premium literary art and is the best paying genre market I've ever encountered. As word gets around about their projects, expect competition to become fierce.