Amazon Spells Out Objectives in Hachette Negotiation (via @digibookworld, HT: @stevenson_keith)

Just a quick look and update into what Amazon is saying about its negotiations with Hachette:

The company contends in its note (below) that $9.99 ebooks sell so many more copies than more expensive ebooks that it more than makes up the difference for a lower price. Authors, Amazon adds, should get a bigger piece of the ebook pie — specifically, the same amount the publisher gets. Amazon is proposing that it take 30% of ebook sales revenues, publishers take 35%, and authors get the remaining 35%.

For what it's worth, it seems to me that Amazon's market strategy across all industries (not just publishing) has always been: destroy all competitors through a process of lossleading (ie. selling at a loss until competitors disappear) and then monopolising the market at the expense of suppliers. So I don't trust them as far as I can kick them, and their DRM-policy is a disgrace.

Please note that my opinion about Amazon does not make me a supporter of the Big Publishers either. I'm just a curmudgeon in both directions, it seems..

The full text below: