Monday Markets - Savage Beasts Anthology - Sep 5, 2014 (via: @greymatterpress, HT: @alanbaxter)

Grey Matter Press has an interesting, music-inspired anthology open for submissions:

For our next anthology of horror–working title SAVAGE BEASTS–we’re looking for dark and terrifying tales of fiction that have been scratched into the inside of your skull by the musical earworms to which you listen.

Hundreds of authors report getting their inspiration for their dark tales from music. Whether that musical choice be metal, classic rock, country or the far more horrifying pop tunes that ramble in and out of your head, any source of inspiration will work. Whether a complete song, or a single lyric, as long as your inspiration is musical it will qualify your exceptional piece of dark fiction for consideration into SAVAGE BEASTS.

They're after short stories inspired directly by music, from 3,000-7,000 words, paying 2 cents per word.

MUSICAL DETAILS: Provide detailed information about the source of your inspiration — artist name(s) and song title. Give us as much information as possible to explain how the piece of music inspired your work. You may even share, in your explanation, the actual lyrics that inspired your work. (We will be looking for a direct correlation between your story and the source of your inspiration.)

Get your stories in by Friday, September 5, 2014.

Full guidelines here: