Monday Markets - The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography - October 1, 2014 (via: @GrumpsJournal, HT: @chriswhitewrite)

Unlikely Journals is reading for their issue 'The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography'. In general they are after:

Beautifully-written fiction, characters that grab us by the throats and refuse to let go, worlds that draw us in and demand to be explored. Genre isn’t particularly important to us—speculative, mainstream, slipstream, and the unclassifiable tales in between—we’ll read anything; all we ask is that the stories meet the requirement of the theme of the issue. For The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, this means bugs. For The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, this means information technology and/or ciphers and codes. There are no barriers as to levels of profanity, gore, or sexuality allowed, but be sure to use them well if you do use them.

And for this issue they specifically want:

This will be an annual issue of fiction about information technology, published under the Unlikely Story umbrella. It’s nominally (but not exclusively, because we’re not really good at drawing straight genre-delineating lines) a cyberpunk-flavored magazine.

The focus of the magazine is Cryptography, so we’ll give preference to stories that involve cryptography (of course), ciphers, data privacy, surveillance, hacking/cracking, and so on. We’re interested in stories that demonstrate an understanding of the real technology, rather than pseudo-magical uses of information technologies which substitute “hacker” for “mage” and “source code” for “incantation.” We’re also interested in the wildly fantastical and surrealistic. Which is to say, we’re interested in almost everything except for the way Hollywood does it.

They're after stories below 5,000 words (although they will consider up to 8,000 words), paying 6c/word.

Read the full guidelines here: