Monday Markets - Jamais Vu Magazine

Keep an eye on Jamais Vu, as it looks like their Autumn 2014 issue might be opening for reading soon, if their previous windows are any sign:

Jamais Vu is a new pro journal from Post Mortem Press, set to feature the absolute best in dark fiction, poetry, factual morsels, criticism, and more. The title comes from the French, - The strange among the familiar - and is as close to a "theme" as we're looking for. Confused? Think Richard Matheson, Jack Finney, Neil Gaiman. Specifically, we're a horror/thriller market, but are open to crossing genres, given that one of the crossed genres is horror/thriller (no western-romance, or science fiction-mystery, okay?) Language and violence are not a problem if both components are integral to the plot (dedicating 3,000 words of your 4,000 story to the graphic depiction of human mutilation would have a hard time getting accepted, for example).

They're after short fiction from 2,000 to 4,000 words, as well as poetry and reviews. Query for non-fiction. Pay is a solid 5c/word.

Full guidelines here: